Our Beginning.

World Wine Wine of New England is the exclusive distributor of the Italian Wine Growers Association, in the United States. A labor of love for the growers and a love of fine taste and travel. The close relationship between the two and the inability to get the Italian wine Joe and Steve wanted in the Northeast, came together as World Wide Wine of NE.  That’s only the beginning of our story!

We specialize in the wines you want – but can’t find on the supermarket shelves. Strong focus on taste and value, we are able to provide superior drinkability and impeccable value. While we may buy a special sixty dollar bottle of wine for an occasion or a gift, most people are looking for a daily wine for fifteen dollars or less. Having strong roots in  the importing and shipping business – we eliminate the costs incurred through the middle men. We are able to pass on those extreme values to our valued consumer.

We are not wine snobs, WWWofNE is a family run, and close knit group of friends who love fine wines and spirits. It really is a simple as that. We strive and thoroughly enjoy finding only the best tasting drink for our customers. Drinking wine, ordering wine or giving wine as a gift shouldn’t be a chore. WWWofNE takes the guesswork out by providing boutique quality and many varietals to choose from.



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